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Div VC

#ETHisMoney Movement

Crypto isn’t a zero-sum ecosystem in which ₿itcoin maximalists lose if Ethereum maximalists win. Lockstep growth can happen if one recognizes that the use cases that ₿itcoin tackles can be different than those Ethereum seeks to address. Exchanges are such that most all crypto asset pairs are tied to ₿itcoin as it is so for …

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Rewarding Innovation

Capital Disconnect

In crypto, there’s a large disconnect between the two extremes of the ecosystem. 1) Large, well-funded projects like Coinbase, MakerDAO, and institutionally-funded companies that are approaching a problem requiring a feather’s touch with a sledgehammer. 2) Talented coders carving out a few hours a day to put into a project that’s slick, nimble, and enjoys …

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First mover advantage

In a young niche, you’re seeing bitcoin enjoying the first mover advantage of bringing the blockchain into the forefront, but many projects are nearly mirror images of bitcoin, slap a founder on there who fights bitcoin maximalists, and, boom, billions in value. While Altavista preceded Yahoo whom preceeded Google, yet Google rules the day. Being …

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