About DivVC

We help blockchain projects bootstrap and meet their technical challenges en route to a successful embrace of their defined use case. Most cryptocurrency projects are empty copy-paste exercises of a predecessor’s actual innovation. Major coins enjoy staggering volume and valuations, yet have major parts of their source code directly lifted. We seek to contribute honest innovation to the ecosystem and take a place in thought leadership specific to DeFi, dApps, and the Etheruem niches that seek to use Smart Contracts in new and innovative ways.

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts” For #Blockchain, the sum of the parts is equal to or greater than the whole for many use cases. Immediate ROI could come from the leveraging the parts instead of the whole.”

Tom Golway

The full scope of the macro impact that blockchain can have on a wholesale basis has yet to be seen. The glimmers that we’ve seen thus far have amounted to transformative changes in the way that currencies are transmitted and files are stored. The advancement of decentralization and automation represents the future and by understanding the landscape of how it may unfold, one an best position one’s self to ride the wave en route to a metamorphosed economy where service industries rule the day.

“Blockchain itself is not dangerous, but if we start using decentralized blockchain as a complete substitute for our traditional transaction methods, then I am afraid, it would destroy the very human foundation of our financial system.”

Abhijit Naskar

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @AltcoinAuthor and I’ll be happy to be of assistance.